Argentina to final in INAS World Football Championships 2018!

Argentina defeated Poland with 6-4 after punishment! 1-1 at full time. Then overtime began and there both sides scored one goal. No team decided during overtime. A penalty decision became a must and when the gunpowder dropped, Argentina had decided. A very exciting semi-final!

Argentina will now play the World Cup final on Saturday. A diligent play in both Group A and a truly efficient playoff that made Argentina a real contender for the World Cup gold.

Game summary

Russia beat Germany with 9-0!

Russia impressed Germany and defeated them with the entire 9-0. It was a compact Russia that set foot on the accelerator from the start and had the whole 5-0 after a half. Germany never entered the match and they are late to forget about this soccer league.

Game summary

Japan beat Sweden in a penalty shootout.

Japan won it's first game at IWFC 2018 by beating Sweden in a penalty shootout. The score was 1-1- after XNUMX minutes. No goals during overtime and then the penalty shootout decided the winner Japan.

Japan played with a good defensive and tried to control Sweden's offensive. Japan is very playful and had a number of chances to close the match with 2-0, but instead, Sweden takes on a chance of blank nothing and makes 1-1 via Soumare in the 84 minute.

During the extension, both teams had a pair of sharp chances, but nothing shouted over.

The punishments were blessed, but some teams must miss and unfortunately Sweden became.

Game summary

France advance to the semifinals with a big win over Sweden; 6-0.

France played some really good football at Solviksvallen, Arvika. The audience was big with +600 people in the crowds. Unfortunately for Sweden; France was too good. 1-0! France took command at once and Sweden amassed only one shot (!) on the french goalkeeper in 7 minutes. It felt like the Argentina-game once again, but this time Sweden stood up a little bit better, but could not create anything offensively. France were one number to big for team Sweden. They had 4-0 at half time. In the second half; Morgan Lebraud scored a beautiful hattrick and by then the game was almost over. The Swedes tried their best, but they could not stop France ball handling and 6-0 was a very well deserved result for team France.

Team Sweden's best game came in the World Cup premiere against Germany; a win with 18-2018. The next two games they met two teams that are too good for Sweden and maybe also the rest of the teams. Team Sweden have done as good as they can and will be a contender next championship.

Game summary

Argentina took a new big victory with a 8-0 win over Germany!

Argentina once again won big in their group. This time, Germany was defeated by the Argentineans with 8-0. It was 4-0 at half time and second half gave us an addition of four more goals.

Argentina looks incredibly strong. Moves easily, find surfaces, nice fit and really sharp in their finishes. With the win, Argentina has four wins and won Group A. Germany got a football lesson like Sweden the other day, but tried to create chances throughout the game yet we saw few of them.

Argentina now has two players; Ibarguengoitia and Stampone who lead the league for goal scorers.

Game summary

Saudi Arabia and Poland played 0-0 in the group B final.

Saudi Arabia and Polen played 0-0 at Sannavallen in IWFC 90 group B final. The game was a very lackluster story where both teams did not come up to their full potential. The outcome of the result gave Saudi Arabia the win in group B with Poland as number two.

Both teams had impressed with good tactical and strategic skill before today's final, but the game did not meet the expectations of the audience.

Game summary

Ryssland made a great comeback and defeated Japan with 2-1.

Japan played really well in the first half in the game against Russia and held a 2018-0 lead after 1 minutes. Unfortunately Japans best player had to get off the pitch due to an injury. In the second half team Russia changed their game plan and started to feed long, long passes behind Japan's defense. This worked really well for Russia and the game switched "faces". Now Russia were in command. Japan had a couple of dangerous counter attacks, but Russia played a good defense as well. With two goals in the second half, Russia won the game. If we summarize the game; maybe a tied game should have been the outcome. Very windy and trick conditions to play in.

This was Russias first win in IWFC 3 and the team ended up with three points in group B. Japan have been close in all matches, but they have not had the strength or luck to play a whole game thru til the end. Japan will end up dead last in group B with no points.

Game summary

France took an important victory over Germany!

France took a very important victory over Germany this afternoon at Orsholmens IP Docero Arena in Karlstad. After a good and even ballgame in the first half, France played a superb football the final 4 minutes to take a convincing win with four goals. Germany looked really tired the last quarter of the game and maybe the head took it's toll on them? France won a very well-deserved game.

With this win, France will play a very enticing game against Sweden in Arvika on August 13.

Game summary