France advance to the semifinals with a big win over Sweden; 6-0.

France played some really good football at Solviksvallen, Arvika. The audience was big with +600 people in the crowds. Unfortunately for Sweden; France was too good. 1-0! France took command at once and Sweden amassed only one shot (!) on the french goalkeeper in 7 minutes. It felt like the Argentina-game once again, but this time Sweden stood up a little bit better, but could not create anything offensively. France were one number to big for team Sweden. They had 4-0 at half time. In the second half; Morgan Lebraud scored a beautiful hattrick and by then the game was almost over. The Swedes tried their best, but they could not stop France ball handling and 6-0 was a very well deserved result for team France.

Team Sweden's best game came in the World Cup premiere against Germany; a win with 18-2018. The next two games they met two teams that are too good for Sweden and maybe also the rest of the teams. Team Sweden have done as good as they can and will be a contender next championship.

Game summary