Sweden won with 4-1 across Germany and took seventh place in the World Cup!

Sweden defeated Germany in a "grumpy" match on the beautiful Sannerudsvallen in Kil. The sun was shining and it was a fantastic August night when Sweden took upon Germany for position seven or eight in the tournament.

IWFC ambassador Stefan Schwarz was at Sannerudsvallen to cheer on the Swedish squad. Mr Schwarz had a pep talk with team Sweden prior to the game. His speech to the guys was straightforward and to summon it up - "Go out from this World Cup with a win! Together!"

The game? Well, this was not a well-played game. The teams were a little bit grumpy on both sides. Team Germany ended up with two players receiving a red card and one staff member from Germany had to leave team Germany's bench. Sweden took the lead after twenty minutes and they controlled the match. Germany made an equalizer late in the half, but before half time, Sweden once again took the leda. Two to one at half time.

The second half turned out to be liked the first half yet with an even lower tempo on the pitch. Sweden's Yarar made it three to one late and rookie William Elmby-Ohlsson sent this game away by doing four to one.

Many people at Sannerudsvallen who cheered on team Sweden and it was a great win to end this World Cup tournament at place seven.

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