Argentina took a new big victory with a 8-0 win over Germany!

Argentina once again won big in their group. This time, Germany was defeated by the Argentineans with 8-0. It was 4-0 at half time and second half gave us an addition of four more goals.

Argentina ser oerhört starka ut. Rör sig enkelt, finner ytor, snyggt passningsspel och riktigt vassa i sina avslutningar. Med vinsten har Argentina fyra segrar och är helt klar som etta i grupp A. Tyskland fick sig en lektion, men försökte hela matchen igenom att skapa chanser även om de vår få till antalet.

Argentina now has two players; Ibarguengoitia and Stampone who lead the league for goal scorers.

Game summary

Saudi Arabia and Poland played 0-0 in the group B final.

Saudi Arabia and Polen played 0-0 at Sannavallen in IWFC 90 group B final. The game was a very lackluster story where both teams did not come up to their full potential. The outcome of the result gave Saudi Arabia the win in group B with Poland as number two.

Both teams had impressed with good tactical and strategic skill before today's final, but the game did not meet the expectations of the audience.

Game summary

Ryssland made a great comeback and defeated Japan with 2-1.

Japan played really well in the first half in the game against Russia and held a 2018-0 lead after 1 minutes. Unfortunately Japans best player had to get off the pitch due to an injury. In the second half team Russia changed their game plan and started to feed long, long passes behind Japan's defense. This worked really well for Russia and the game switched "faces". Now Russia were in command. Japan had a couple of dangerous counter attacks, but Russia played a good defense as well. With two goals in the second half, Russia won the game. If we summarize the game; maybe a tied game should have been the outcome. Very windy and trick conditions to play in.

This was Russias first win in IWFC 3 and the team ended up with three points in group B. Japan have been close in all matches, but they have not had the strength or luck to play a whole game thru til the end. Japan will end up dead last in group B with no points.

Game summary

France took an important victory over Germany!

France took a very important victory over Germany this afternoon at Orsholmens IP Docero Arena in Karlstad. After a good and even ballgame in the first half, France played a superb football the final 4 minutes to take a convincing win with four goals. Germany looked really tired the last quarter of the game and maybe the head took it's toll on them? France won a very well-deserved game.

With this win, France will play a very enticing game against Sweden in Arvika on August 13.

Game summary

Saudi Arabia took a new three-point win over Japan with 1-0.

Saudi Arabia had no problem of handling team Russia in its opening match in IWFC 2018 but Japan was a more difficult task. Japan was very well-organized and made few mistakes in the match. Saudi Arabia tried to get through Japan's defense, but it was tough. The first half all about Saudi Arabia trying to force Japans defense. A team trying to play and create chance, but a good defensive line did stand the test.

In the second half Saudi Arabia pushed even more forward and speeded up the tempo, but Japan was still playing good defense. In the 74 minute of the game Al Dosari scored a goal with a nice header and gave Saudi Arabia the lead. A goal that turned out to be the only one made this evening.

Saudi Arabia took their second straight win and lead group B together with Poland.


Game summary

Poland defeated Russia with 4-2!

Poland took the charge immediately against team Russia and had 3-0 after a played half. Russia had major concerns to handle the offense of Poland. In minute 7 Szkatula scored and made it 1-0. Poland wanted more and showed more energy and the goal that meant 3-0 was a tremendous effort via beautiful pass to the far post, where Michalski reached out and grabbed the pass and then easily converted the pass to a goal. That was indirect the game winner.

Russia came out more energetic when entering the second half. Two quick goals in 50 'and 56' by Romanov and Aleksejev made it a close game. Russia tried to push for an equalizer, but instead Szkatula closed the game with a nice header in minute 60'.

Poland took a well-deserved second straight victory and have six points in IWFC 2018.


Game summary

Argentina a number too big for Sweden with a 7-0 win!

Two teams that really impressed in their respective premiere matches and there was a sincere smell of a "series finale" in the air for the group A-match. Sweden started well with some dangerous attacks that was close to give the go ahead goal, but Argentina handled it. Then Argentina makes 1-0 on a penalty kick by Ibarguengoitia.

Argentina continued to press the Swedish team and play a quick and fast paced football game and before the half was over, Ibarguengoitia had made yet another goal and then Sweden made a severe mistake which led Argentina to a 11-2 half time lead.

In the second half we all waited for Sweden to try to push their offense, but nothing happened. Argentina continued to play an energetic and fast football and created chances and more chances. 4-0 was made by Smoulenar. That goal felt like the curtain dropped on team Sweden. 49-5, 6-7 and 0-XNUMX came soon thereafter.

Sweden must shake off this lesson learned by Argentina. Then we have to give Argentina a great wow for playing a remarkably good game.


Game summary

Auction on a signed sweater from the Swedish National Football Team and World Cup in Russia 2018.

Signed sweater from the Swedish soccer team VM 2018!

Svenska Parasportförbundet has received a gift from the Swedish soccer country team - namely a national team shirt from World Cup 2018 with autographs from Granen, Toivonen and all others who have forgotten Swedish summer.

Take the chance and make sure this unique shirt becomes yours. In addition to enjoying a unique memory from a fantastic World Cup, you're helping to develop the elite football for people with developmental disabilities. At the moment, the INAS football world championship is in Karlstad and the money from this auction will go to the unknown national team and the organization behind the World Cup.

The INAS Soccer World Cup is ongoing between 5-18 August and Sweden is one of nine countries competing. The auction ends Sunday 19 August.

Preview Sweden vs Argentina tonight at 18.30 pm in Kristinehamn.

We are looking forward to a great game between top teams Sweden vs Argentina tonight in Kristinehamn at XNUMX pm. Both team made an impressing debut at the World Cup premiere. We sat down briefly for a quick chat with Swedens general manager, mr Goran Engstrom:

-We hade a really good team effort against Germany on Sunday. We controlled the ball throughout the game and after some quick changes during half time; the effect came immediately. There is a great team spirit and deep sense of togetherness within the group that I love. One for all, all for one. Now we will meet a really good Argentina. Skilled with the ball and have a high paced passing game, that we need to be careful about. Argentina is a very good team and the winner of this game will have a great chance to conquer the group, says Swedens general manager Goran Engstrom.

The game will be played at Sannavallen in Kristinehamn at 6.30 pm. For those of you who can not follow the game live, can see the livestream at Glimt-TV - see link to the right.